Public Notice +

Infobytes recently mailed out postcards to all the City Recorders and Clerks in Utah. City Recorders and Clerks are typically charged with sending out Public Notice mailings. Some of our cities have had to request the parcel data from the County (at a charge), and wait 2-3 days to even get the data. Others ask their contracted engineer firm to generate the lists via their GIS software programs. Others have a GIS guy on staff, but as we all know, those GIS guys are slammed.

We developed the Public Notice + program to empower those needing to quickly generate lists. You don't have to bug anyone else. You can simply go to your secure URL, add the address you need and specify how far out you need the list of property owners. Click Generate and whola! The property list is ready to download. It takes less than a minute.

Save time, money, and get things done. Watch a screen cast here of the Public Notice Plus product in action: