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Public Notice +

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Full Service GIS

Infobytes offers complete GIS services including geodatabase design, data creation, GIS implementation, data maintenance, data sharing and training. We will work with you to design and develop a GIS system that meets your specific needs and budget.

Online City Maps

Built specifically for local government, this online mapping application ties right in with your existing website and displays your GIS data layers, including parcel information, for public and staff use.

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Public Notice +

Powerful three click solution for generating a list of property owners within 300 ft. or 500 ft. of a parcel. Even with a full time GIS staff member, this powerful app is 98% faster (10 seconds vs 10 minutes) faster to generate Public Notice mailings.

If you don't have a GIS person or engineer on hand, the savings is immeasurable. Days vs seconds.

Saves time and money!

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Secure Utility Maps

Password protected utility maps for your organization have never been easier or faster! Public Works and Water Departments simply love these easy to use maps that are available 24/7 on a laptop, tablet or phone.

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Custom Mapping Applications

GIS and web based mapping applications for every situation. GIS, GPS, Google Earth, Google Maps, CartoDB and more.

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Geospatial Analysis & Marketing

Utilize the power of GIS to understand your business market and achieve greater financial success.

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City of Yukon, OK

This custom built online mapping application is built into the City website and displays many GIS data layers including zoning, subdivisions, wards, utilities, Floodplains and much more. 

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City of Bountiful, UT

Built with Google Maps and CartoDB to display GIS data layers and property ownership information for residents of the City. 

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City of Sulphur Springs, TX

This map integrates both GIS and AutoCAD utility data into one seamless mapping application for City employees to use in the office or in the field on laptops, tablets or smart phones. 

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Infobytes is Leading the Online Mapping Revolution

Move from old PDF maps to Interactive Online Maps

Our custom online mapping applications are FAST, FRIENDLY and FUNCTIONAL. 

  • Fast - If you web map is not fast nobody will use it, period! Our maps are designed and built to be fast. We use Google Maps as our base map and we ensure that the GIS data layers draw as quickly as possible. 
  • Friendly - We use Google Maps for the same reason that everyone else does. It is fast and familiar to virtually everyone on the web. This means that our maps require little to no training and can be implemented in very little time. 
  • Functional - This means that your web map should do exactly what you need it to do. This is not always possible with an out-of-the-box solution. Since we custom build all of our web maps we can guarantee that it will do what you need it to do. We make it easy to turn layers on and off and find the information that you are looking for quickly. 

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What Others Are Saying

"I find the mapping tool a quick reference to our information and I use it almost everyday." - Sulphur Springs, TX

"Infobytes mapping services has proved a valuable and flexible asset to our residents, city employees; and is a welcome addition to our city's webpage.  Infobytes is responsive to our custom needs and delivers mapping layers that are unique to our community." - Farr West City, UT

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We have mapping solutions to meet all your needs and would love to help build and develop a custom mapping application for you. 

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We design an build amazing maps and apps to serve our clients needs in every situation. We have all the GIS software and programming skills to custom build tools that do amazing things!

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