Leverage your vision to the online world.

With style and beauty.


It's all about movement: eye movement and movement to your Call to Action!

The front end, what you see--custom graphical interface tied together with CSS/HTML and possibly some other front end languages that give your customers and prospects a stellar User Experience - evoking positive emotions which lead to positive profits.

Your vision combined with our professional designs delivered beautifully to the online world.


The Back End -- Think Geek

This separates Infobytes from the pack of "web designers." We usually build the back end and the programs themselves. It's all on the inside or the back end: Server Configuration, Load Balancing, Database Development and Implementation, Custom Queries, Programming Languages, Encryption, Security with the goal of rapid execution.

Think Geek - Think Secure - Think Fast


The Push and Pull

Infobytes will help you craft your outgoing campaigns via E-mail, Social Media, and traditional advertising--Pushing Outward

With solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) policies, well written copy--including A/B testing--you will Pull In more leads and more business. 

Think Campaigns - Think Planning - Think Profit


Small Business InitiativeSmall Business Initiative


Eligible Small Business can receive a gorgeous, professionally designed website -- at cost. Infobytes only accepts a certain number of qualified businesses per quarter. See if you qualify and apply here.

Client Love!

Loretta and her firm were incredible on our web redesign project. She took our brainstormed ideas and made them reality, even when we had not seen anyone do it before. Her team was very knowledgeable and creative in finding solutions. She is passionate about her work and gives her personal attention to every detail of the project. The partnership between our organization and Loretta and Infobytes has been a huge positive

~ Wayne Parker, CAO, City of Provo

It is extremely rare and valuable to work with someone like Loretta. Rarely do vendors understand how municipalities work, especially regarding what is expected of us with our budgetary limitations. The public scrutiny is intense, and at times it feels like we are working in a fish bowl. Loretta gets it. She gets how secure everything has to be. She gets how intense the pressure is to perform under tight budgets, and she gets what targets we are in the public realm. Her experience, breadth of knowledge, creative solutions to automate, save money and deliver more services at less cost has been a godsend. She protects us, makes us look good, and helps ease our work load.

~ Lisa Bednarz, IT Manager, City of Centerville, UT

I've worked with Loretta on several projects and have found her to be creative and innovative in developing solutions for all types of business. She's an excellent communicator with an advanced ability to truly understand the challenges of her clients, then bring effective and result driven solutions to the table. I highly recommend Loretta.

~ Robyn Martinez, Senior Private Client Advisor at Bank of the West

Not many words accurately describe Loretta. She comes across as an ordinary person, yet she possesses extraordinary talent and knowledge. Kind and endearing, you couldn't possibly find a more remarkable person. I am a better person as a result of my association with her.

~ Gregory J. Schafer, City of Delta, UT

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