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Award Winning Web and Mobile Development


Our Location

Infobytes is located in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. Our surroundings have inspired us for years to design and develop the best looking websites and applications available. Our talented photographers and videographers have some of the most stunning images and videos you can imagine to use in your websites. 

Contact us:

Infobytes, Inc.
411 East Broadway
P.O. Box 58812
Salt Lake City, UT 84158
Email: info@infobytes.com 

Our Team

Infobytes employs some of the most talented web and mobile developers as well as GIS mapping and graphic designers anywhere in the world. Our team works hard to design and build the best tools, services and applications available to our clients. One of the founding principles of Infobytes has been to have a "servant's heart". We enjoy working hard, building great tools, and serving our clients the best that we can!

Our Story

Originally founded in 1996 as Creative Internet Design, as the result of the award winning work of it's founder, Loretta Gale, who was one of the top six winners of the Microsoft Activate the Internet Contest worldwide. In 1999 the core features expanded way past design, to developers, and application development. If you have gone to a movie in the last 15 years, you've probably used parts of our work.  Infobytes's online movie ticket reservation system has benefited millions with the ease and convenience of reserve seating, pre-ordering food to be delivered to your seat after you arrive --as well as rendering significant profit the movie theatre groups utilizing our developed technology (ie Megaplextheatres.com)

Infobytes's CMS (AKA IBCMS) is used by municipalities and businesses throughout the United States. Infobytes continues to grow and expand always slightly ahead of the market. Infobytes's latest emphasis it to provide affordable, interactive, GIS Mapping services to entities and business worldwide.


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