Infobytes Custom Web Mapping is NOT Out-of-the-Box!

Here at Infobytes, we believe that every web map should live and die by the three guiding principles of fast, friendly, and functional! We call these principles the three F’s of web mapping. Our custom web mapping applications are designed and built around these principles.

  • Fast – If you web map is not fast nobody will use it, period! Our maps are designed and built to be fast. We use Google Maps as our base map and we ensure that the GIS data layers draw as quickly as possible.
  • Friendly – We use Google Maps for the same reason that everyone else does. It is fast and familiar to virtually everyone on the web. This means that our maps require little to no training and can be implemented in very little time.
  • Functional – This means that your web map should do exactly what you need it to do. This is not always possible with an out-of-the-box solution. Since we custom build all of our web maps we can guarantee that it will do what you need it to do. We make it easy to turn layers on and off and find the information that you are looking for quickly.

If your current web mapping solution is not fast, friendly and functional then get in touch with us and we will build you a free demo site so that you can test and compare our custom web mapping with your own. We have built custom tools for our clients to prepare public notice mailing lists, site selectors for economic development, secure utility maps that are password protected and responsive to tablets and mobile phones and available 24/7 for those late night emergencies. We are committed to working with your current GIS Department to build a solution that they will be proud of!

We also offer traditional GIS services for those clients who do not already have GIS data layers ready to be placed in a web map. We can help you build your geodatabases, create data layers, import current aerial photography and much more.


The Infobytes Team
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