Facebook Security

If you don’t use Facebook, this doesn’t pertain to you…but also how do you live without knowing what your friends and kids had for dinner and seeing the pictures of it?

Anyway, it’s probably past time to check some settings in Facebook. If you take any of those little quizzes like “What pizza topping are you?” or “What will your epitaph say?” you have probably given away all your privacy. Who reads all the privacy disclaimers? I know I don’t. Some of you are shocked, I know.

Click the down arrow next to the question mark and then click Settings

Click Settings

Then click on Apps to bring up this screen. Click the X by any of these quizzes or things you don’t play around with on a regular basis. The first time I looked in there I saw dozens of apps. In looking at this picture, I know I am going to get rid of WeAreTests, WeeQuizz and Snuggle Serenades…that was a cute one. You will get a pop up that asks if you want to delete all the activities associated with that app. Might as well.

Try to think twice before clicking on these things in the first place. Your friends have all done it, but you really don’t have to. I do it once in a while, but I really do try to resist the urge to know what my actual date of death is going to be. Then there are the ones that say something like “Only 5 percent can answer 80% of these questions correctly” and everyone wants to show they are in that top 5%. Once you start clicking on those, you’re giving them a lot of information. You have probably agreed to give them your name, your birthdate, hometown, education details, all your Likes, photos, browser, language, your IP address and your friends list. You can go ahead and delete these apps from your Facebook settings, but in some cases you’ve given them permission to use your data forever, even if you get rid of the app. Maybe this email isn’t going to be so short because I just thought of a couple other things to tell you.

A quick tip is to turn off those dumb game notifications. Yes, this is in place of constantly screaming on Facebook in

Turn Notifications Off

all caps, “STOP SENDING ME GAME REQUESTS!!! I DON’T PLAY AND IF YOU DON’T STOP I WILL UNFRIEND YOU!!” Calm down and turn those notifications off. The occasional one might still sneak through but that’s because your name pops up when your friends are trying to send game stuff…it’s not their fault.

Review all the apps! Now check out the Apps Others Use. Go in there and make sure every box is unchecked. This will help when your friend wants to know what Disney princess he is and grants permission for the app maker to see his friends list.

Speaking of Facebook, do not copy and paste those friendly sharing posts where you copy the whole thing and replace your friends’ answers with your own. In those posts there are things like “What is the name of the first street you lived on?” “What was your first pet’s name?” “What’s your favorite teacher’s name?” “What’s your mother’s maiden name?” If you haven’t seen these kinds of posts, you’re lucky. They make my skin crawl. Do any of these questions look familiar? They are the same questions we have to set up for security questions for our credit card accounts, bank accounts, kids’ school portals, etc. Your immediate friends may not be the kinds of people who would take advantage of the opportunity to mess things up for you, but what about the other 500 close personal friends on your friends list?

And while we’re at it, quit sharing everything with the public. If you post something and leave the privacy settings public (with the earth icon) and I comment on it, all of my friends can see it. Unless you’re someone like Beyonce, Taylor Swift or William Hung, the world doesn’t want to see everything you post. Just stop. Now you’ve shared your mother’s maiden name with the world and next thing you know you won’t be able to get into your bank account online.