Don’t let your selfies give you away

This is old news for some, but I think some of us probably never gave it a thought. Here’s a video showing that people can get your exact location from your photos on any social media site. They can save your photos and look at the details (or metadata for geeks) and find where the picture was taken. Nefarious folks could find way more information on us than what we want to share. The video shows just the surface of what could happen if you take pictures of your child playing in a park or at your house among other places.

 I took a picture of my favorite pad of post-it notes to illustrate how easy this is. I’ve never even looked at this stuff before. I just turned my location thing off for my phone a long time ago because it sounded like a good idea. Everyone’s phones might be different, so this is just a guideline. Don’t get all “Hey, my phone is different.” on me. J

Here’s a picture of a lovely pad of post-it notes.

Demo Pic to show GeoLocation Accuracy









When looking at this photo through my phones gallery or album, I’m going to click the three dots in the upper right corner.

click the three dots in the upper right corner

















In my phone’s photo album, I’m going to select Show on Map.

Show On Map

Show on map



















Look what I get when I choose Details:


Details: Extremely Accurate 



As bad guy Negan on The Walking Dead would say, “Shut that…stuff…down!”




How to turn Photo geotagging on or off on your iPhone/iPad

  1. Go to Settings app → Tap on Privacy.
  2. Select Location Services.
  3. Tap on Camera.
  4. Tap on never.

Turn Off






















How to turn Photo geotagging on or off on your Android phone

  1. When you open the camera app, swipe from left to right to show the side scroll menu
  2. Choose the GPS icon






  1. Click Never, No, or Not Now, whichever answer comes up that isn’t yes

–Lisa Bednarz
IT Director
City of Centerville, UT

Infobytes note: Lisa Bednarz is the IT Director at Centerville, Utah. She has been sending weekly security updates to all the employees and elected officials in Centerville. Centerville is a long term and premier client of Infobytes. They graciously let us share this important and timely security updates with the rest of our clientele.