Cyber Safety Emails

In case you don’t know about what is going on with the world of technology, people, governmental entities, businesses, etc. are either under attack or vulnerable to being targeted for attacks from cybercriminals. Rather than overwhelm everyone with a ton of general information all at once, I thought I’d break it down into individual topics and go a little more in depth with some of them. I truly feel this information is important for you to be aware of because the majority of cyberattacks happen because we make mistakes. We fall for emails from UPS, we have weak passwords, we get pop ups that trick us into clicking on them. It can happen at work and cause the city to come crashing to a halt (Yes, it can be that big). It can also happen at home through your home computers, gaming consoles, phones, etc. Anything that has an internet connection is at risk for attack.

Bingham County, Idaho, was attacked last week and affected every department. The attackers encrypted the county’s data and demanded $25,000 for the ability to get their data back. They did not pay the ransom but are still dealing with the fallout from it. The county switched over to backup servers, but the damage was done. If they had customer billing and/or credit card information stored on their servers, that would be a huge catastrophe. I also heard of other counties in Idaho being attacked this weekend. It’s not pretty.

Basically, what I’m saying is we can put every protection in place, but without our cooperation in the effort to keep our city systems safe, we are going to be in big trouble. So please read the emails I send regarding cyber security (that makes it sound like you should go ahead and ignore everything else I send haha) and take the subject seriously because there are real threats out there and we don’t want an open door policy for cybercriminals either at work or in our personal lives.  I will not start sending a ton of articles on cyber security and expect you to read them, but I will try to break it down into specific important topics and try to keep it relevant.

–Lisa Bednarz
IT Director
City of Centerville, UT

Infobytes note: Lisa Bednarz is the IT Director at Centerville, Utah. She has been sending weekly security updates to all the employees and elected officials in Centerville. Centerville is a long term and premier client of Infobytes. They graciously let us share this important and timely security updates with the rest of our clientele.