Cost Effective and Solutions Oriented!

Infobytes is one of the leading governmental web developers. We realize we have left money on the table, frequently, to help our clientele. Recently, the city of San Diego unveiled a new gorgeous website: mobile friendly with a deep commitment to finding out what city constituents actually want. And, yes, developing for your audience (rather than city staff just guess what the public wants) can be expensive.

And, prices in California are more expensive.

But, if anyone ever balks at our pricing and what we’ve done to help local municipalities come to the forefront of the digital country, well, please take note of this article:

San Diego unveils new city website
Faster, more user-friendly site cost $650K

We’ve done a cursory review of the new site in San Diego. There isn’t one thing provided we don’t normally provide–along with things we can offer that the new San Diego site doesn’t provide. However, maybe those areas aren’t on the open site, so we won’t be too critical. The bottom line is that we’re among the best nationally, with profitable and cost effective pricing.