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Facebook Security

If you don’t use Facebook, this doesn’t pertain to you…but also how do you live without knowing what your friends and kids had for dinner and seeing the pictures of it? Anyway, it’s probably past time to check some settings in Facebook. If you take any of those little quizzes like “What pizza topping are…

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Merry Christmas from all of us at Infobytes

Merry Christmas! Infobytes made this special video for our much appreciated clientele, associates and friends. We extend our most sincere and heartfelt wishes to you: Please have your sound/speakers on when you watch this video. If you like the music, please feel free to download any of the MP3s–link at end of video. Infobytes: Christmas…

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Infobytes Custom Web Mapping is NOT Out-of-the-Box!

Here at Infobytes, we believe that every web map should live and die by the three guiding principles of fast, friendly, and functional! We call these principles the three F’s of web mapping. Our custom web mapping applications are designed and built around these principles. Fast – If you web map is not fast nobody will use it, period! Our maps…

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