Bone Structure

A top selling Real Estate friend in California often stated that if a house has good bones, it had much more value. This guy had some of the most rich and famous clientele in the world. He was known to find incredible deals and stunning homes, that others simply couldn’t even see. The reason the majority missed these incredible homes was because of the interior design clutter and sometimes the exterior landscaping and/or yard distractions. All the stuff took the average person’s eye away from the gorgeous architecture of the home.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Wright in 1926 –wikipedia

Simply removing all the clutter, revealed the stunning beauty of the home.

America’s Greatest Architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright, is famous for being quite controlling of the homes he designed. Legend has it that he threw a temper tantrum at a dinner party hosted by one of the homeowners residing in one of Wright’s homes. Why the tantrum? Because the host used the wrong napkins that conflicted with the stunning architecture of the home.

Infobytes’s design team probably won’t go down in history as the greatest web developers in America. We have received great honors on the national level–in design and back end development. In a small way, we can relate to Frank Lloyd Wright’s frustration with ugly elements added to beautiful designs. Those with an understanding that we’ve delivered a gorgeous website to our clients, and then the client themselves has added all the clutter are rare. Most people don’t know that the clutter is added by the client and Infobytes gets the blame.

This phenomenon of providing a gorgeous design that the client clutters up with their content and changes, has provided comic relief to many in the web design community. Oatmeal has a nice chuckle about it.

As Shakespeare once said, “Many a truth is spoken in jest.” All of us know that many clients do this. Sigh, we understand the disappointment as we watch our clients clunk in ugly and broken content. But, Frank, it’s their house. It’s their website. We try to give them design tips and style guides, and we are extremely happy to maintain the content. Unfortunately, most have not utilized that opportunity. Maybe because they can’t afford it. Or, they simply want to add the content themselves. For many, it’s fun, easy, and a break from the monotony of their day to day jobs.

All we ask is that if you see an Infobytes’s site, you try to look at the bone structure. Metaphorically speaking,  if you see a bunch of junk piled up in the front yard, possibly an old refrigerator and tatty couch on the porch, please know: we didn’t put it there.

If you’d like assistance getting your site more “curb appeal” where people driving by actually want to enter, please give us a call or drop us a note.