GIS and Mapping: Exciting New Division!


Infobytes is proud to introduce a new Division:
GIS (Geographic Information Systems)/Mapping


Lead by Matt McCullough
Leading GIS innovator

Infobytes has been working with engineers and GIS specialists for over 15 years. Now, we are taking our GIS efforts to an entirely new level. Matt McCullough has his Masters degree in GIS, has taught GIS at the university level, and has championed the partnership with Infobytes in developing the innovatative Public Notice Plus tool. This tool will save 90% of your time spent preparing Public Notice lists or Infobytes can provide GIS services for your entity at cost effective pricing.


If you need more info about our cutting edge GIS services, please call Matt McCullough directly at (801) 807-8727, or email:
Infobytes, Inc. | 877-521-INFO